Best Cheap Hosting

Cheap hosting is a lot of things. Some people think that a $3 per month webhosting is expensive, while others think that its cheap. Nowadays it is possible to find very cheap hosting as low as $0.50 per month, which is extremely low. But… Yes, there is a “but”.. When hosting is getting such a low price, you can expect some issues like server downtime, deleted websites and much more. For testing out websites, this is an ok solution, but when you make a website for your upcoming customers, then you need a more stable website and a more stable webhosting solution, so don’t buy the cheapest hosting that you can find. A price of 2-3 dollars per month is still cheap and you will get a much better server and a fast and more stable website, so don’t think twice about this.

Many developers are buying cheap hosting, which is a good idea when you need to test a website before scaling it up. Testing a website can often take time and it can be expensive if you have a server hosting that cost you money every single month, so if you are testing a website because making it available to others users and customers, think about buying a cheap hosting to test it out first.


Why cheap webhosting is good

Many developers and entrepreneurs have always had the cheapest hosting that they could find and it has worked fine for them. When online entrepreneurs first build their website or affiliate website, they are choosing cheap hosting, because many affiliate sites are only active a couple of months before they are deleting it, because of the market. So choosing a cheap hosting for you affiliate sites is not a bad idea at all. Lets say you are planning to sell cats food is a affiliate marketer, then choose a cheap hosting solution, start the website, make some sales and then sell the site again. This is common for affiliate marketers. Did make a lot of sales fast and then they are selling the site and here comes the cheap hosting very handy, because they have properly only paid $1.50 for 3 month hosting and they are now selling the site for $500 which is a good profit. So if you want to start as an affiliate marketer, then find some of the cheapest webhosts you can find out there.