The Perfect Webhost

Finding the perfect webhosting can be quick a¬†challenge for many. There are a thousand different hosting companies to choose from and some are good and some are bad, but what do you need and who do you trust? Its a good question, but we can maybe help you choose the right one. If you have a small website, ok traffic and good content, you are in the cheap hosting zone. Small websites don’t need much space or much server specs to run perfectly, so high five on that! A small website can run on alle one dollar webhosts and its a good place to start when first starting your website. Test you website on cheap hosting solutions and if the website gain success, then you can move it to a better server later on.

If you have a larger website with a lot of traffic, then try to find a VPS or dedicated server. These kind of servers have more power and will speed your website up a lot which in crucial on larger websites. Google loves fast websites and so do the customers, so think about that. To get back to the subject. When you need to choose the perfect website, then try to find one dollar webhosts to start with. Read reviews of the companies you find and choose a hosting company that has a good rating from other users.


Where to find hosting

It can be difficult to find good hosting servers, so the best way to do this is to visit ex or try to Google search for “Webhosting”. When you find a list of hosting companies, then try to pick some of them out and find some reviews to start with. If the company have a good rating, then try going to their website and check them out. If the price is good and you have tested their customer service out, then you might take the chance and buy webhosting at that place.


Web Hosting Reviews

We can’t say this enough! You have to read as much reviews about the hosting company that you can find. If the hosting company only have some good reviews and a lot of bad ones, then stay away from them. From our experience you should only read the bad reviews, because they will tell you more about the company than the good reviews, so think about that next time you read reviews on the internet. There is a lot of websites out there that will have a lot of reviews about the hosting companies, so try to find those sites and start reading.

Recommended places to look for hosting if THPS does not fit your needs

DKHosting – Danish sites that compare hosting companies that are located in Denmark.
OneDollerWebHost – Compares the cheapest web hosts on the marked. All the way from $0.5 hosting.
We are expanding this list so stay tuned.